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Review Policy

Firstly please remember that a review is one person’s opinion, in the case of this blog, mine. My opinion will often be very different to other people.

Reviews will include a short outline of the story followed a critical analysis of the book. Picturebooks will include an outline of the codes used by the illustrator and, where applicable, postmodern devices. Some reviews may include suggested classroom activities and suitable storytime themes and activities. Suggested book talks may also be included for novels. Links to helpful information such as classroom ideas from the publisher and author interviews may also be included. I hope the information included will encourage those working with young people, both in schools and public libraries, to use quality literature.

Books reviewed will be from many sources, including my own purchases, books borrowed from a library and supplied by publishers for the purpose of review. I will indicate when a book has been sent from a publisher, and the recommended retail price (RRP) in Australian dollars will be displayed.

I will accept children’s and young adult books for review from established publishers only, depending on my available time. I do not accept self-published books. Although I am aware of some very worthwhile and quality self-published works, I am also aware that many have not gone through the rigorous and very necessary editorial process with a qualified and professional editor. Religious books will also not be accepted.

All books sent for review will be read. Not all will appear on this blog however, for various reasons. Priority will be given to books with a set release date.

In the future posts will be simultaneously posted on Facebook and Twitter.

At times I may receive the same book to review for Reading Time and Magpies Magazine. If this occurs I will include a link to the review to the Reading Time website. In the case of Magpies Magazine, I will include an outline and the journal number in which it appears.

Picturebook codes and postmodern devices will be listed on the appropriate Google DOC linked on the Picturebooks page.

I am happy for my information to be shared with colleagues and used for research purposes. However, if you are using any information in academic study, it is a requirement by law to acknowledge the source. Please do so accordingly.

Please contact me via my email address if you have any queries.

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