Title: Lost but Found
By Peter Sharp
Published by Pan Macmillan Australia
RRP: $24.99

Dog lovers beware, this book will melt your heart and take up much of your time! Forty dogs from the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home are featured throughout this book in the most adorable photographs. Annotations accompany each dog, the first part titled lost where the reader hears the stories of how they came to be at the home or what state they were in when they arrived, and found, telling the reader of their family when they were taken to their new home. The photos will absolutely melt your heart, and the annotations are easy and quick to read, enabling you to dip in an out of the book at whim. There are also some interviews of the dogs themselves, adding a quirky difference.

Our family are dog lovers and have had many gorgeous dogs in our lives. This book adds to that love at a time when we do not have any dogs of our own.

Recommended for the dog lovers in your life!