Title: Atticus Van Tasticus
Written by Andrew Daddo
Illustrated by Stephen Michael King
Published by Penguin Random House
RRP: $14.99

Atticus Van Tasticus, like all his cousins before him, gets the chance of a life time to choose a treasure from his Grandnan’s wealth. Rich Grandnan doesn’t share her wealth with her family, but gives each child a chance the day they turn ten. Atticus, like his cousin before him, will get to choose one thing. His family’s future wealth depends on it and he is under pressure to choose the right thing. Atticus take his time, and chooses what he loves at first sight, a pirate ship. And so begins his adventures! After getting a crew together he sails away for many hilarious adventures.

This illustrated novel for young readers is an entire package. Full of adventure and humour, it is well written with entertaining and detailed illustrations. Newly independent readers will enjoy this and it would make a great family read aloud.

Highly recommended!

Many thanks to Penguin Books for supplying the books for review.