Title: The Australian Survival Guide
Author: George Ivanoff
Published by Penguin Books
RRP: $24.99

This expansive non-fiction book about Australia is perfect for younger readers. As an introduction, the author states he is in mortal danger as he is leaving the safety of the suburbs for a trip across Australia, through deserts and bushlands. And he should know the dangers he will face, he has been to the library and done his research, and is presenting it for all to learn. Entries include not only animals but weather and landforms as well, and other dangerous, or interesting things about this continent. Each entry for living things includes the scientific name, size, habitat, and venom, if applicable. Other interesting information is also included. First aid suggestions are given, as well as how to avoid the danger presented.

The information is presented in a range of ways, making this a highly interactive book. The book is divided into sections, including On Land, In the Water, The Environment, and Everything Else. There are fact file boxes, news items, illustrations and photos, the author’s avatar with occasional speech bubbles, and the dead-o-meter, a scale ranging from not dead to very very dead.

This is a perfect book for school and public libraries. Young readers with an interest in non-fiction will devour it and will spend hours and hours entertained. If you are looking for a present for friends and family overseas, this is just the book you need!

Many thanks to Penguin Books for supplying this book for review.