Title: Mika and Max
Written by Laura Bloom
Published by Walker Books Australia
RRP: $16.99

Mike and her family are visiting friends for the weekend for a music festival, it is supposed to be fun. But this is the last place she wants to be. Mika would rather be with her old friends from primary school who she hardly sees now she is in Year seven and at a different school. She has her phone, and keeps sporadic contact in between having to be with her family. Mika is feeling lonely, her five year old twin siblings have each other and her parents’ friends’ son has autism and is mostly non-verbal. But Mika soon realises that Max is able to communicate, in his own way, and they have quite a lot in common. When they become separated from their parents, Mika takes matters into her own hands.

Mika is clever and determined. It is evident early in the narrative that she desperately wants, and needs to be independent to make her own choices, and many readers will identify with this. Max’s needs are depicted well and readers will recognise his need to also be more independent. This is a believable novel and will be enjoyed by many. There are aspects in this that adult readers, in particular parents, will benefit from, making it a good read aloud at home with tweens.

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Many thanks to Walker Books Australia for supplying this book for review.