Title: I am so Clever
Written and illustrated by Mario Ramos
Published by Gecko Press, Distributed by Walker Books in Australia
RRP: $16.99/$27.99 (Hb)

Little Red Riding Hood is off to visit her Grandma when she meets the wolf in the forest. After a quick chat they part ways and the wolf rushes to Grandma’s house. Finding Grandma’s night gown, he slips it on before remembering to clean his muddy paw prints from the front of the house. But when he goes to do this, the door slams shut and he is locked outside, dressed in Grandma’s nightie. What follows is a funny development, as many characters from various fairy tales walk past, thinking he is Grandma! This infuriates the wolf and the angrier he gets, the harder it is for him to undress. When Little Red Riding Hood appears, things only get worse. The wolf, who thought he was so clever, has his biggest downfall, literally!

This is a fun new book to add to the list of fractured fairy tales. Young audiences will have fun naming the stories the characters are from and there are many opportunities for activities in the classroom. The illustrations offer more to the narrative, keeping the viewer engaged and entertained.

Perfect for reading aloud to ages from 3 upwards, this is a must for public and school libraries.

Suggested activities

  • While reading, list the titles of fairy tales other characters are from.
  • Divide the class into groups and allocate each group a fairy tale from above activity. Have the group act out the original fairy tale they are from.
  • The wolf meets the woodcutter while the woodcutter is looking for his glasses. The glasses can be seen in subsequent illustrations. Retell the story from the woodcutter’s viewpoint.

Many thanks to Walker Books for supplying this book for review.