Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables Fight Back (Bk. 2)
Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables Go Wild (Bk. 3)
By Tim Harris
Published by Penguin Books Australia
RRP: $14.99 each

Mr Bambuckle is truly remarkable, with his seemingly magical abilities and the fun rapport he has with his students. It is easy to see why he is so popular with his students, and unpopular with the dreaded Principal Mr Sternblast! With his position always under review, Mr Bambuckle carries on through life without a care in the world.

In Fight Back, the second book in the series, Mr Bambuckle has been replaced by Miss Frost, a terrifying disciplinarian sent in to bring order to class 12B, and terrifying she is! Mr Bambuckle is missed as Miss Frost takes over, however he is not too far away as the students receive mysterious messages about how they can get rid of their new teacher. Miss Frost’s disappearance could not have come at a worse time for Mr Sternblast, the principal, as he is about to take up a new position in the city and a missing teacher puts that at risk.

In Go Wild Mr Bambuckle takes 12B on a camping trip. When they are telling stories at night, they hear an eerie cracking sound and discover it is Miss Frost, the newly appointed Assistant Principal at the school. She has come to check up on the wayward teacher and his students. It appears she has not forgotten, or forgiven, what happened to her previously, and is determined to get her revenge.

These books are loads of fun and I can see why they are hugely popular. There are commonalities between the books that young readers will love. From the witty humour and free flowing prose, to the individual stories of characters and hilarious conversations between characters, these are fun, interactive reads. Tim Harris visited our local literature festival, Step into Stories, and I had the pleasure of meeting him over dinner. His love of stories and sharing this love with his readers is evident in the way he speaks about his work. From all reports, his visits with the students were a huge success, enjoyed by all.

This series would be great for a read aloud in the class with various students reading out character’s voices. There are so many uses for these books in the classroom!

Many thanks to Penguin Books Australia for supplying these books for review.