Title: Ten Pound Pom
By Carole Wilkinson and Liz Anelli
Published by Walker Books Australia
RRP: $24.99

This is one of the many picture books I have on my to be reviewed/read shelf. Carole Wilkinson and Liz Anelli have created an interesting account of many who moved to Australia with the assisted passage scheme designed to boost Australia’s population. At a cost of only £10 per adult passengers, many migrants from England and Europe made the move. This is the true account of Carole Wilkinson’s family leaving England, and transportation aboard The Arcadia, to Australia. As they prepare they must choose what to take and what to leave behind, and say goodbye to their loved ones. Like many before and after them, this must not have been an easy time. The voyage on the ship is well documented, and their arrival in a foreign land is uplifting and hopeful.

Published in 2017, this is a special book. The illustrations, created with mixed media, are inviting and informative, as is the well versed written text. This is a most successful non-fiction picture book that will stand the tests of time, telling an important aspect of Australia’s history.

Teacher notes can found through this link.

Many thanks to Walker Books for supplying this book for review.