Title: Dingo
Written by Claire Saxby and illustrated by Tannya Harricks
Published by Walker Books
RRP: $24.99

This non-fiction picture book provides a narrative of a dingo and her pack while further information is given, in a different font, about dingoes in a factual way. Information ranges from when they are active to how far they can travel. Their food range is discussed, hunting habits and other scientific and social information.

The fictional narrative is well written and reads beautifully aloud. This book could easily be read just with the fictional narrative, as the verbal and visual texts work so well together. The illustrations are painted using thick brush strokes, using oil paint, and evoke the Australian bush setting beautifully. The full, double pages are without borders, and the second page, showing a close up of the dingo, instantly draws the reader into her world. I am in awe of Harrick’s illustrative skills throughout.

The factual text is full of information, succinct and easy to read. There is more information provided at the back of the book, on the last endpaper, along with information about the author, illustrator and and index.

These types of books are essential for young ones to become familiar with the non-fiction format while enjoying the story narrative. The illustrations further enhance the information given in the verbal text and are a good support for developing readers.

I not only recommend this book for all schools and public libraries, but also for use in the classroom and most especially, gifts for families living overseas, who may not be familiar with our dingo.

Many thanks to Walker Books for supplying this book for review.