Title: Ruby’s Worry
Written and illustrated by Tom Percival
Published by Bloomsbury
RRP: $14.99 (AUD)

Ruby was always happy and adventurous, until one day when “she discovered a worry”. It wasn’t very big at first but it grew and grew until it was so big, that was all she could think about. Surrounded by her worry, she saw a boy sitting in a park, and he also had what looked to be a worry. When she asked him how he felt and he talker to her about his worry, it began to shrink. Ruby tried this too, and suddenly her worry wasn’t so large.

This book has such an important message. Everyone has worries, and they affect some people more than others. Knowing you are not alone helps, and books such as this will encourage young readers and listeners to talk about their worries. It will also, hopefully encourage people to ask others if they are OK, and would make a brilliant read-aloud for Are You OK? day.

The large format, double page spreads make this the perfect read aloud, and the use of colour and shading evoke the feelings well. This is a must for all public and primary school libraries, and all preschools.

Many thanks to Bloomsbury Australia for supplying this book for review.