Title: Morris the Mole
Written and illustrated by Nicki Greenberg
Published by Allen & Unwin
RRP: $19.99 (AUD, hbk)

Morris the Mole loves to dig. He was made for it, and loves nothing more than burrowing and tunneling. His friends are not so happy about his digging, however, for he often surfaces in the middle of their activities, such as Ms Mouse’s birthday picnic. When Morris finds himself unable to tunnel through the surface, he thinks he has been tricked, so he persists until he gets through. His tunnel has led to a swimming pool and the rush of water pushes Morris out the other end of his tunnel into the air. Morris is amazed by what he experiences, and a new activity is discovered.

This fun picture book in singsong rhyme is by one of Australia’s best. Morris is such a loveable creature, but such a nuisance! The full-page, borderless pages are perfect for a young audience with the verbal and visual texts working wonderfully together. Direction and colour are used to affect, right from the front-end pages.

This is an absolute must for public libraries, pre-school and primary libraries. It is refreshing and original. The rhyme works well when read aloud, making use of inventive and interesting language. Morris the Mole will be a welcome addition to story time and read aloud sessions.

Download Teacher Tips from Allen&Unwin here.

Many thanks to Allen and Unwin for supplying this book for review.