Title: Blast Off!
Author: Shelly Unwin
Illustrator: Ben Wood
Published by Penguin Random House
RRP: $19.99 (AUD)

A fun exploration, in rhyme, of the solar system as our characters blast off, visiting each planet in turn from the sun. At the bottom of each double page spread is a strip of the solar system, with the planets from left to right in order from the sun. An arrow points to each planet visited on the page. This is the only framing present, with the illustrations flush with the edge of the page.

Line and direction are used effectively to dictate viewing and reading as the characters explore the solar system. More information about each planet is located at the end of the book, as is information about Apollo 11. The front and back end papers are different to each other, ensuring the visual narrative is present from the very beginning to the end.

This is the perfect book for a story time group. The rhyming verbal text is fun and young children will enjoy the antics of the characters, including the aliens, in the visual text. This book will also suit a younger years’ classroom, and any young one fascinated with space.

Teaching resources are located at this link, opening directly in a PDF file.
Source: www.penguins.com.au/teachers

Many thanks to Penguin Random House for supplying this book for review.