Title: The Poesy Ring
Written and Illustrated by Bob Graham
Published by Walker Books
RRP: $24.99 (AUD)

Beginning in 1830, County Kerry, this is the story of the poesy ring. Thrown from a rider on a horse, the ring settles near the sea, where it stays over many years. It is disturbed now and then by various wildlife and is exposed to the elements, but the inscription on the inside of the ring Love Never Dies remains. After many years the ring finds itself carried, and dropped, by a bird into the ocean, where it is taken by the oceans, and fish, to far-off shores. Discovered again by humans, some 130 years later, the ring’s inscription rings true again, giving special meaning.

Graham’s signature illustrative style is gorgeous throughout. His use of various framing techniques to add to the visual storytelling, along with colour, light and perspective, are perfect. The dedication in the front of the book makes this book even more special, and reinforces the notion of undying love and the circle of life.

This book would be perfect in a classroom looking at life cycles and changes occurring over the years. Above all, this book should be cherished and read by all ages.

Many thanks to Walker books for supplying this book for review.