Title: The Big Bad Mood
Written by Tom Jamieson
Illustrated by Olga Demidova
Published by Bloomsbury
RRP: $14.99 ($AUD, pb)

George is having a bad day. His mother thinks there is a big bad mood hanging around him and George goes looking for it. When he finally finds it, they wreak havoc on everyone, making others feel bad and moody as well. However George soon becomes tired of hanging out with the big bad mood, and decides to part ways with him. George tidies his room and apologises to everyone, and as a result his days are much better. Nights are sometimes a little different though!

This large format picture book is lovely. We all have bad days and experience different moods, children are no different and, unlike most adults, are unable to control their moods. Every parent has experienced tantrums at some stage! This book shows young readers why it is important to treat people in the correct way and to control their moods. The message is not given in a didactic manner, but through the experiences of George. The young audience for whom this book is intended will be able to relate well to George. This book will also help parents when their little one has bad days.

Highly recommended for pre-school and public libraries.

Many thanks to Bloomsbury for supplying this book for review.