Title: Perfectly Norman
Written and illustrated by Tom Percival
Published by Bloomsbury
RRP: $12.99 ($AUD, pb)

Norman had always been perfectly normal, until the day he grew wings. They were beautiful wings and could soar through the air having “the most fun”. But then Norman realised the wings made him so different from others and he covered them with a bog coat. Norman was miserable, but with the help of his Mum and Dad, he solved his predicament, and that of many of his friends.

This gorgeous picture book uses colour to maximum affect to. Colour has been used for Norman and his wings, birds and the other children. All other people and backgrounds are in varying shades of grey.

Perfectly Norman sends a strong message to young readers that there really is no normal. What one thinks normal is not what another thinks. It is important to be proud of who we are and what we look like, because we are all perfectly normal in our own way. This book acknowledges and celebrates diversity in a beautiful way.

This would make a wonderful story time book with an audience, or a lap read for a young child. Classrooms can also benefit from books such as this.

Many thanks to Bloomsbury for providing this book for review.