Bobo & Co Colours and Numbers
Nicola Killen
Published by Bloomsbury
RRP: $11.99 each

These fun board books would make a delightful addition to any young reader’s collection. In Bobo & Co Colours, Bobo and his friends decide to do some painting. However their painting does not go as planned and they manage to get paint on more surfaces than their paper. It is all good fun though and they have a colourful mural to show Snap when she arrives. In Bobo & Co Numbers, Bobo and his friends are playing hide and seek. As Bobo finds each friend they are counted.

These board books are perfect for little readers. Each right hand page folds out to extend the picture, allowing the young viewer to see what happens next. The visuals show more than is expressed in the verbal text, giving young ones lots to look at during repeat readings. These types of books are not only good for introducing concepts such as colours and numbers, but they are also a good introduction to quality literature.

Many thanks to Bloomsbury Australia for sending these books for review.