Title: Day 7
Written by Kerry Drewery
Published in Australia by Allen and Unwin. Published in the United Kingdom by Hot Key Books.
RRP: $19.99 (AUD)

WARNING – This review includes spoilers for those who have not yet, but are intending to read, Cell 7.

Day 7 directly follows from the suspenseful and gripping Cell 7. It sees Martha Honeydew free while Isaac is in Cell 1 after admitting to killing his father, Jackson Paige. Kristina, the previous host of Death is Justice, the nightly television show chronicling the prisoners in the cells, is now host of Buzz for Justice. This new show has a panel of three people who must press a buzzer if they think the criminal is guilty. Two buzzes out of three sees the criminal jailed. It is obvious to the reader that the media manipulation and lies have been ramped up by those in charge. The reader soon learns that this includes the Prime Minister, and many others who benefit from the income and power generated. Joshua Decker is now host of Death is Justice and the reader learns more about this man than in Cell 7. He is not what he seemed in the first book and quickly grows on the reader.

Martha is living with her lawyer and her lawyer’s son, Eve Stanton and Max. Cicero, a judge from the former justice system is also there as they all work together to expose Jackson Paige’s crimes. Martha is deemed a threat to society and she narrowly escaped arrest. With the most powerful people in the country always a step ahead; it seems almost impossible for them to prove anything. Meanwhile, time is ticking for Isaac and all become desperate.

This is a gripping novel. I was caught in the web of Cell 7, finding the plot original and the characters intriguing. Day 7 does not disappoint. It is written consistently well, with the same strong characterisation and plot developments with unexpected twists and turns. Just when you think you know something is going to happen, the plot takes a different path.

If I recommend anything, apart form reading it of course, is to begin reading after the third book in the trilogy is to be released. I wanted to read the third book as soon as this book was over. It finishes on an unbelievable cliffhanger after speeding to the last page like a runaway bullet train.

Highly recommended. A must for all secondary school and pubic libraries.

Many thanks to Allen & Unwin for sending this book for review.