Title: Digger Disaster
Written by Rose Impey
Illustrated by Chris Chatterton
Published by Bloomsbury
RRP: $12.99 AUD (pb)

The Dino Diggers have been called in to build a new car factory for Mr Ali O’Saurus. He is very impatient and wants the foundations laid by the end of the day. This should not be a problem for the Dino Diggers, until disaster strikes and they hit a water main. Tyrone T. rex saves the day with his backhoe and when Mr Ali O’Saurus returns he is very happy with the team.

This fun illustrated story of a team of dinosaurs is part of a series of books, Dino Diggers. The brightly coloured illustrations are clear and expressive. There is much to see for the young viewer. The verbal language flows nicely, peppered with alliteration and fun. There are many opportunities to combine early literacy concepts with the reading, such as flow of direction left to right as the plans are blown about and the large, bold print of ‘BANG!’ and ‘CRASH!’ as the water main is burst.

Included in the book is a pull out cardboard T. rex and digger to make, with instructions. This enriches the experience, allowing the young reader to have their own Dino Digger.

This is a book that I am sure will be read over and over again. It would be perfect for a gift for a small child, and would make a valuable addition to a public or pre-school library

Many thanks to Bloomsbury for sending this book for review.