Title: William Wenton and the Luridium Thief
Author: Bobbie Peers
Publisher: Walker Books
RRP: $14.99

William lives in Norway with his parents. They left England eight years earlier after William’s grandfather went missing under mysterious circumstances. Now they are living a secluded life, in hiding. The cause has been kept secret from William, as has much else. He does  know, however, that he must avoid attracting attention to himself or his family. This is impossible when William, a keen problem solver and codebreaker like his Grandfather, has the chance to crack the code of the Impossible Puzzle. On its world tour, every genius and gifted codebreaker has been unable to solve this puzzle. William succeeds, triggering an automatic media frenzy. Upon his arrival home, his parents begin to pack for a quick get away when their house is attacked. William is rescued and taken to the secret Institute of Post-Human Research. Here begins his training as a candidate, oblivious to the cause of his amazing skills. Here also begins the adventure, for William is not sure who to trust, in a world of experimental bots, jealous classmates and the mystery surrounding his Grandfather’s disappearance.

All is revealed in this intriguing, fast paced narrative. The characters are well written and Bobbie Peers has paced the narrative brilliantly to ensure the reader is unable to put the book down. Up until the end the reader, like William, is not sure who to trust and why. While the narrative is sown up nicely, there is room for further books featuring William Wenton.

A must for public libraries and middle school libraries.

Many thanks to Walker Books for supplying this book for review.