Title: Trees
Produced by Lemniscates
Publisher: Walker Studio, Walker Books
RRP: $24.99 (AUD)

A celebration of trees, this picture book covers everything a tree is, and does. The verbal text simply states how trees live through the seasons, where they live, how they live together, and how they help and provide for other living things. The illustrative text adds so much more to this well worded narrative. Full, double page spreads, all using the same frontal viewpoint, show other narratives and life cycles that are dependent on trees. The colourful illustrations are composed of print making scenes in collage, a wonderful combination. The front and back end papers differ, becoming part of the narrative by illustrating the life of trees.

This book is a celebration of trees, an act of homage if you like. It is lyrical and poetic and needs to be read aloud to young ones. So much could be integrated with the reading of this picture book. The opportunities for integration with science are boundless, including a study of the life of, in, and around trees, life cycles, seasons, photosynthesis, and their ability to grow in the urban and industrial landscape. This book would also be wonderful in the art classroom, looking at collage, paint and print techniques. This is a beautiful book with a strong message of the importance of trees and how very much they are needed.

Many thanks to Walker Books for sending this book for review.