Title: Gecko’s Echo
Author: Lucy Rowland
Illustrator: Natasha Rimmington
Publisher: Bloomsbury
RRP: $14.99 (AUD)

What a clever little gecko this is! Protecting her eggs from predators, mother gecko is always on the look out for animals after a treat to eat. She manages to trick a snake, an eagle and finally a rat, by convincing them there are more geckos waiting in her cave. She succeeds in keeping them at bay until her babies hatch.

This rhyming text reads best when read aloud and would make a lovely story time book. The full colour borderless pages are perfect for a young audience. The characters, all animals, take on human characteristics and Gecko’s cave is snug and comfortable.

This is a clever, authentic story. Its well worked verbal text will be perfect for a young audience, whether it be in a group read or a lap read with one or two children. The rhyming throughout will be a joy to both read aloud and listen to, exposing young children to a rich vocabulary and prose.

Activity Suggestions

  • Make a list of what the children know about geckos and what they would like to find out. Research as a class, or have individual children research certain aspects at home.
  • Discuss what animals lay eggs, and what animals eat eggs.
  • The eggs in the book have dots on them. Draw an egg shape on paper and have each child decorate it.
  • Make a food chain, or food cycle, for each of the animals in the book.

Many thanks to Bloomsbury Children’s Books for supplying this book for review.